Fifty Shades of Green

The One About Reusable Period Products

from Fifty Shades of Green | Published 4/5/2021

In this episode I answer all those questions you may have around reusable period pads.  If reusable period products are a new concept to you, and the idea freaks you out a little bit, no shame, it’s a pretty weird idea if you’ve not tried it before BUT I am here for you, I’m answering all the questions that you may not have even been able to put into wordsQuestions from ‘Why would I swap to reusable pads’ to ‘will I leak out of them’. This is a great episode for anyone curious about period pads and looking to find out more but were too scared (or embarrassed) to ask.If you have any other questions after listening to this episode then please do drop me an email on [email protected] or a DM over on Instagram, you’ll find me under @wearemoutpads.Reference website I mention on the episode; See all our reviews on Trustpilot here;

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In this podcast Lauren Derrett from Wear Em Out introduces us to the thought that from eco curious to eco warrior there really are 50 shades of green. Lauren considers herself to be eco curious, trying to wade through the often overwhelming and contradictory information surrounding sustainable living whilst also trying to edge up the green spectrum in a way that works for her and her family.A mixture of solo shows and interviews Lauren will be introducing a number of eco hacks and eco products that she has been introducing into her life.This podcast is created with an open mind and no judgement and we hope for the same from out listeners.To find out more about Lauren and her business take a look