Fifty Shades of Green

The One About Big Brand Contradictions

from Fifty Shades of Green | Published 4/12/2021

Today was a long day but I just had to come on and chat to you about big brands bringing out sustainable products alongside their non-eco products, and why it’s so important that we as consumers need to be really savvy with where we invest our hard earned cash when we’re shopping The power is in our purse and many of the big brands know that and are trying to pull the wool over our eyes, but we’re not buying it right? We need to consider their contradictions and choose to shop with brands that aren’t treating us as fools, brands that are fully transparent with their passion for sustainability We need to stay one step ahead of the game and spot the greenwashing, meaning we are fully aware of what ‘machine’ our money is being invested in so that our good eco product choice doesn’t get undone by half the cost financing non-eco productsListen to the episode to find out what brand and what products I’m talking about that have got me hitting my head against a wall 

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In this podcast Lauren Derrett from Wear Em Out introduces us to the thought that from eco curious to eco warrior there really are 50 shades of green. Lauren considers herself to be eco curious, trying to wade through the often overwhelming and contradictory information surrounding sustainable living whilst also trying to edge up the green spectrum in a way that works for her and her family.A mixture of solo shows and interviews Lauren will be introducing a number of eco hacks and eco products that she has been introducing into her life.This podcast is created with an open mind and no judgement and we hope for the same from out listeners.To find out more about Lauren and her business take a look