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Open source - shake well before use!

from Feeling Techish | Published 4/7/2021

In the first (live) episode of Feeling Techish, we discuss open source software. Open source ≠ free, diligence still matters but there are benefits! An organisation open sourcing it's software and components doesn't mean it's giving away the crown jewels either.With listener Q&A.

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Let's talk about tech (maybe). ‣‣‣ Lee (@lee_crossley) writes software that sounds awesome and music that's bug-free. His primary duties include ensuring no prep and adding bugs to the podcast during the edit. ‣‣‣ Lauren (@lcolledge1983) is a healthcare bore and loves data and finding out about memes about a year after everyone else. She enjoys long debates about blockchain and being mansplained to. ‣‣‣ Andy (@azd_lowry) is a software developer, manager and semi-professional yak shaver. From the pre-Jurassic Park era. He enjoys long virtual walks in the snow and his favourite colour is indigo.