Episode 7 - How a Fact Find Hearing works and key considerations throughout the process

Natasha Slabas welcomes you to this episode of her podcast 'Family Law in the U.K.' on the operation and construct of Fact Find Hearings which operate in the family courts to determine allegations of domestic abuse. Natasha takes you through the considerations that need to be taken from the start of your application, such as completing the Form C1A and the operation of family courts in ironing out such abuse before any arrangements for a child may be determined. Natasha goes through examples of instances of abuse which the court may not consider as relevant or sufficiently connected to the judge's determining of the main question arising from the application. Natasha also defines and describes the importance and relevance of a Scott Schedule for the court's perusal within the Fact Find.Further, Natasha goes through a landmark case of Mr Justice Hayden at the Royal Courts of Justice, London, F v M [2021] EWFC and of the importance of his decision with regards to instances where coercive control features as a form of abuse.Natasha is a Family Partner at DMH Stallard, London, an award-winning multi-service firm. If you have any queries arising from her podcast, please contact her via her Instagram account: @natashathefamilylawyer or DM: [email protected]

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