100 Special 100th Episode Interview: Jay Allen

Celebrating our 100th milestone episode!  Firstly, I want to personally thank you all, we are now No 1 in the Entrepreneurship Podcast charts and rapidly climbing all the other podcast charts. I have loved producing them and hearing how they have impacted your life and business. Over the past two years, we've explored topics like business, addiction, self-improvement and personal growth together. In this special episode, I delve into the power of collaboration through joint ventures and partnerships with business coach Jay Allen. We discuss key aspects such as the difference between partnerships and joint ventures, the risks of going into business with friends, shared control and budgeting and the importance of having an exit strategy. Remember, your business shouldn't dictate your life. Choose the life you want, and let your business serve that vision. To celebrate the 100th episode we’re offering a downloadable check list guide on what to consider when entering joint ventures or partnerships [here]. Thank you for being part of this journey. Here's to a hundred more episodes of growth, collaboration and making a positive impact together. Your support means everything, so please subscribe, review our podcast, and spread the word! With gratitude, Henri   #Episode100 #Entreprenuer #FailForward  

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Failure is only negative if you don’t learn from it Fail Forward is the weekly podcast hosted by entrepreneur and family man Henri Ghijben. In each episode you’ll hear from Henri and guests as they share real-life experiences of positives born from failure, reflections on the lessons learned from ‘losing it all, and what fuels Henri’s desire to help others overcome personal and business challenges in order to create the lives they want to live. Who is Henri Ghijben? Growing up in Bury St Edmunds, Henri’s first memorable experience of failure left him with the lasting ability to never get lost. It proved to be the first of many times Henri would fail forward. But it wasn’t until he faced losing his home, business and possibly even his family, that he realised the truth. Failure is only negative if you don’t learn from it. Against the odds, Henri has rebuilt from rock bottom. He’s now on a mission to help others avoid making the same mistakes he did, to help those facing failure see that there is a way back and that by failing forward they can enjoy success again. Ever thankful for the love and support of his family, the loyalty of his team and the help of business owners who helped him when the chips were down, Henri now lives in Southampton where he runs HRG Tree Surgeons, has growing property management and investment businesses and runs mentoring programmes for business owners, entrepreneurs and directors who are on their own growth journeys.