Exploring ASD with the Northern Trust

Good sleep and how to get it

from Exploring ASD with the Northern Trust | Published 2/6/2021

A brief online survey to give feedback and future suggestions is here: http://bit.ly/3rCjkor   Kathryn from the Autism team discusses some challenges with sleep for autistic young people, along with practical strategies which could help. Some resources mentioned by Kathryn:    www.sleepscotland.org/    autism.org.uk/    thesleepcharity.org.uk/  Middletown advice on sleep Neon the Ninja book for sleep The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep book

Om Podcasten

A selection of podcasts on autism for parents, carers and young people, provided by the Paediatric ASD Service of the Northern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland. Feedback and future ideas would be very welcome at this short online survey: http://bit.ly/3rCjkor (Intro music by Dr Gareth Lewis)