Episode 42: Madison Cunningham: "It's really hard to write a joyful song well"

In this episode, Ken Womack talks with Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Madison Cunningham. She made her recording debut in 2014 with the self-released gospel album “Authenticities,” which reflected her exploration of faith. In 2017, Cunningham joined the cast of American Public Media’s “Live from Here.” In 2019, she released her breakthrough LP "Who Are You Now," nominated for the Best Americana Album Grammy. Her 2020 EP, “Wednesday,” featured cover versions of songs by Tom Waits, Radiohead and the Beatles, while also earning a Grammy nod for Best Folk Album. In 2022, she released her follow-up LP “Revealer,” which enjoyed extensive critical acclaim. “Revealer” was nominated for two Grammy Awards and won Best Folk Album.  --- Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/everythingfabfour/support

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