Growing Up in a Shame Based Family

Do you realize that when we grow up feeling too much shame, it actually prevents us from feeling healthy shame? Today Laura will talk about the harm of growing up in a family that avoids shame altogether. She will unpack Dysfunctional Family Rules as introduced by John Bradshaw. You can subscribe today on AccessMore or wherever you listen to podcasts so you don't miss an episode.

Om Podcasten

You are invited to join Laura Williams, licensed professional counselor and co-host of ‘Out of the Dark’ with Mandisa as she tackles some of the tough issues in mental health and how they relate to your faith journey. Encountering You will dive deeper into topics like trauma, struggling with my mental heath as a Christian, what are boundaries and how do I grow from them, shame, abuse, dealing with resentment and anger, and more. Each episode will be full of information and include reflection, so be prepared to be challenged, but know that if you're are willing to move, even an inch, change will be inevitable. New episodes of Encountering You will be available every Wednesday starting on April 6th so make sure to subscribe as we embark on a journey of hearing the places God wants to bring you in your story.