454: Printf Hello

Uri Shaked surprises us with a chat about silicon design when we were expecting to talk about a web-based board simulator.  If you want to try your hand at silicon design, check out Tiny Tapeout, a way to possibly get your design on to real silicon. The digital design guide is a great way to start looking at how chips work. If you aren’t quite ready for silicon, Wokwi has a Verilog simulator where you can learn to do the digital design. The Verilog Simon Game on Wokwi is amazing.  Wokwi is a web-Based simulator, simulating processors, boards, and peripherals. You can build a whole system there, from Dancing Servos to 7-Segment display from 30  LCDs and Arduino Mega to Raspberry Pi Pico boards you can program in C when you click More Options on the front page. You can also create your own peripheral using the Chip API. Or learn to use Zephyr on Wokwi. And now there is Wokwi for VS Code.  All that and Wokwi is open source: github.com/urish Uri recommends reading Relax for the same result by Derek Sivers Previously on Embedded 396: Untangle the Mess Transcript

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