447: All Sorts of Weird Problems

We spoke with Chris Gammell about IoT, podcasting, relaxing, and learning. Chris works at Golioth.io. They have a neat blog that talks about reference designs, Zephyr RTOS, and making products. We talked about ESP chips which are made by Espressif. The ESP32 line is RISC-V. Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) Some YouTube channels we discussed: Wendover Productions: explaining stuff CGP Grey, especially the recent one about vexillogy and US state flags Blacktail Studio: Soothing woodworking Adam Neely: music theory Shawn Hymel on Digikey’s channel explaining continuous integration and delivery: Intro to CI/CD The H note in music Want to know more about self-paced Making Embedded Systems? Sign up for the waitlist at Classpert. Want to learn electronics? Check out Chris Gammell’s Contextual Electronics. Transcript

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