446: World's Best PB&J

Chris and Elecia talk about ChatGPT, conferences, online compilers, and Ardupilot. Compiler Explorer: godbolt.org (and function pointer example) Jupyter Notebooks with colab: colab.research.google.com/ (and one of Elecia’s origami pattern generator collabs) Sign up for the Embedded newsletter! Support us on Patreon. Conferences and happenings: Hackaday Prize Embedded Online Conference : late April, online Open Hardware Summit 2023: end of April in NYC, NY Teardown 2023 | Crowd Supply: late June in Portland, OR SEMICON West: July in San Francisco, CA  embedded world North America: October 2024, Austin, TX Transcript

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I am Elecia White alongside Christopher White. We’re here to chat about the interests, careers, and lives of engineers, artists, educators and makers. Our diverse guest list includes names you may have heard and engineers working quietly in the trenches. Either way, they are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and inspiring. We’d love to share our enthusiasm for science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).