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In today’s solo episode (71) of The EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE podcast, I’m answering your most frequently asked food photography pricing questions! From how much to charge for your food photography work when you’re starting out to accurately pricing for usage rights when working with brands, I touch on it all! Here’s exactly what you can expect from today’s episode…     I share more about my POWER HOUR and your opportunity to work on the business side of your food photography. I address your question about what to charge for your work when you’re just getting started. I delve deeper into how you know if you’re overpricing your work. I outline how to know when you’re ready to increase your rates. I explain how you can know for sure whether your pricing allows you to be profitable or only enabled you to break even. I chat about the one major expense most food bloggers forget about! I note why I don’t price by hour or by image and share how I DO price for my work. I speak about how I price differently for larger and smaller brands I deep dive into usage rights and image licensing. I address the issue of feeling guilty about charging for you work!   LINKS MENTIONED: My book, Creative Food Photography is available HERE! It’s for food photographers who want to find their own unique style. Find out more about my POWER HOUR mentoring sessions here. Episode #9 - How to charge what you’re worth. Episode #33 - How to make money doing what you love Episode #62 - 4 Reasons you’re not getting more clients Find out more about my upcoming Masterclass here. Episode #69 - Behind the scenes of my food photography biz How much should an Instagram content creator earn My customisable media kit and rate card Joanie Simon IG TV episode about usage rights and licensing Usage calculator Pricing and business tips guide on Instagram 1 Pricing and business tips guide on Instagram 2 Find my Instagram here Full show notes here.   

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