Re-release: Thoughts on Instagram, Beth Kirby and mental health

In today’s re-release (84) of the EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE podcast, I share my thoughts on the passing of Beth Kirby, award winning photographer, food blogger, and writer, as well as an inspiring episode I recorded with her back in 2020. In the episode Beth chats about all things creativity, Instagram and cooking. Here’s what else you can expect from today’s episode …   I share my thoughts and reflections about Beth Kirby, Instagram and mental health Beth introduces herself Beth shares which emotions are arising for her as she navigates living in lockdown We chat about why connection and creativity is so healing Beth talks about her journey into photography, travel and styling as a career Beth explains why doing, creating and making is everything! We chat about evolving as a creative and why Beth is returning to her roots: food Beth shares something completely unexpected about food styling!!! We explore perfectionism, fear, failure and comparison We delve deep into the value of real, raw, vulnerable and authentic Beth mentions what she’s cooking in quarantine We talk about where to find inspiration whilst in lockdown Beth candidly speaks about her mental health struggles and what she’s doing to stay mentally well in quarantine Beth outlines why story telling and sharing your vulnerability is powerful   LINKS MENTIONED: My book, Creative Food Photography is available HERE! It’s for food photographers who want to find their own unique style and up level their photography. Find Beth's stunning work on Instagram, or on her blog Local Milk Big Magic Stories and Crafts THAT pasta dish Lee from America Julia Child What's happening with Instagram (Eat, Capture, Share Podcast episode #53 with Becky Hadeed) Is social media hurting your mental health (Eat, Capture, Share Podcast episode #29) Find my Instagram here Find the full show notes HERE

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