How to get incredible PR opportunities for your food photo business!

In today's episode (83) of the EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE podcast, I'm speaking with small business PR expert Gloria Chou, about the power of publicity. Gloria outlines exactly how creative entrepreneurs can generate free media opportunities and why they should!  Bookmark this episode, because Gloria shares so many PR hacks that you'll need to listen again! Here's what else you can expect from today's episode...   Gloria introduces herself. Gloria explains how PR can help creatives charge higher rates (without feeling weird about it). Gloria reveals the number one skill every founder must have to grow their creative business. Gloria explains how you can make the most of any media opportunity. Gloria outlines the steps to market and sell your cookbook without paying an agency. Gloria reveals the number one limiting belief that stops creatives from getting publicised. Gloria talks about why her CPR (Credibility, Point of View, Relevance) pitching method is guaranteed to get results. Gloria shares her best quick wins for what you can do TODAY to improve your PR.   LINKS MENTIONED: My book, Creative Food Photography is available HERE! It’s for food photographers who want to find their own unique style and up level their photography. Tony Robbins Fearless Focus Mastermind Twitter #journorequests Twitter #bloggerrequests Instagram and online food blog and business masterclass Help a Reporter Out (HARO) Gloria talks about HARO on her podcast Small Business PR episode 23 Gloria's PR Masterclass on using her CPR pitching method Gloria's website and Instagram Find my Instagram here Find the full show notes HERE

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