Five major life lessons learned from self-publishing a book

In today's episode (79) of the EAT, CAPTURE, SHARE podcast, I share the top five life lessons I learned from self-publishing my book, Creative Food Photography. My hope is that you can learn something new that will empower you on your food photography or food blogging journey, even if you don't plan to write a book or self-publish.‎‎‎ Here's what else you can expect from today's episode... I outline the impact negative reviews had on me. I explain the one thing only writing a book - and nothing else - will give you on your journey as a creative. I talk about how and why writing a book can be the gateway to incredible new opportunities. I share why I had to do some major and difficult soul searching after writing the book. I explain why writing a book can completely change your life and the trajectory of your career!   LINKS MENTIONED: My book, Creative Food Photography is available HERE! It’s for food photographers who want to find their own unique style and up level their photography. Join the waiting list for my Fearless Focus Mastermind & Mentoring program My goal to be more consistent with the podcast (podcast episode) We Can Do Hard Things podcast Ottolenghi Seth Godin Listen in on Part 1 of HOW TO WRITE A BOOK (19), Part 2 of HOW TO WRITE A BOOK (30), Part 3 of HOW TO WRITE A BOOK (56) as well as the episode where I announce that I’m writing a book (12) and the episode where I share why I decided to self publish (37). BTS of the book 1, BTS of the book 2, BTS of the book 3 Find me on Instagram and Pinterest Find the full show notes HERE

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