e-Estonia podcast: The Art of Digitalisation

The Art of Digitalisation: S1E5 - Kevin Tammearu of Cybernetica: e-solutions act as tools for democracy

from e-Estonia podcast: The Art of Digitalisation | Published 7/12/2021

Our speaker Florian Marcus talked with Kevin Tammearu, the Head of Business Development for Data Exchange Technologies of Cybernetica.  Estonian company, known as the main architects of the X-Road - the backbone of e-Estonia. The company has been solving complex challenges for almost fifty decades - both in Estonia and abroad - yet maintaining the privacy of citizens and data. 

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The podcast The Art of Digitalisation mainly focus on digitalisation stories that have taken the Estonian know-how around the world. We will give our listeners hands-on tips, advice, and share valuable lessons on how to start or accelerate their digitalisation paths. The monthly podcast will also discuss current issues and developments within e-Estonia.Our hosts, Digital Transformation Advisers Florian Marcus and Anett Numa will be joined by a wide array of experts - both from tech companies and the public sector. The guests will deep dive into how to digitise a country, organisation, or company.