e-Estonia podcast: The Art of Digitalisation

Art of Digitalisation: S1E3 - CTO of Estonia Kristo Vaher: Estonia dares to be second?

from e-Estonia podcast: The Art of Digitalisation | Published 5/26/2021

In our podcast's third episode, Florian Marcus talks to Kristo Vaher, the Chief Technology Officer of the Republic of Estonia. The conversation can really be wrapped up as the title says - dare to be second because one thing that this small digital nation keeps doing is learning and innovating.This episode also talks about what a governmental CTO does and when Estonia will start using virtual assistants to help people interact with the government.

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The podcast The Art of Digitalisation mainly focus on digitalisation stories that have taken the Estonian know-how around the world. We will give our listeners hands-on tips, advice, and share valuable lessons on how to start or accelerate their digitalisation paths. The monthly podcast will also discuss current issues and developments within e-Estonia.Our hosts, Digital Transformation Advisers Florian Marcus and Anett Numa will be joined by a wide array of experts - both from tech companies and the public sector. The guests will deep dive into how to digitise a country, organisation, or company.