Episode 8: Empathy & Acceptance (Autism Acceptance Week 2022 Special)

Welcome to our Autism Acceptance Week 2022 podcast special. This episode is split into three parts all focusing on Empathy and Acceptance. In Part 1, co-host Pete Black recites his spoken word poem entitled "empathy", written from the persepective of an autistic young person. In Part 2 we hear from a handful of autistic young people who go to Deptford Green School who we will be hearing even more from in future episodes. And finally in Part 3 we hear excerpts from previous interviews with guests Emme Watkins, Matthew Green and Joanne Limburg which highlight the need for empathy and acceptance.  The following links are mentioned in this podcast; Pete Black's original youtube performance of "empathy": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRl6xarnjbs "Live" podcast recording version of "empathy": https://youtu.be/eKtwk9euex8   More infomation about Autism Acceptance Week: https://www.autism.org.uk/get-involved/raise-money/world-autism-acceptance-week-2022 Drumbeat Autism Outreach online resources: https://linktr.ee/drumbeatoutreach

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Welcome to the Drumbeat Autism Outreach Podcast. This podcast is particularly aimed at parents and professionals living or working with autistic young people or young people who have social and communication difficulties. This podcast is put together by a team based in Lewisham, London.