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047 John Gall: The pie man behind Darvel on American investment, floodlights & his grandad's secret Hurlford donation PLUS Kennie Young on the season's end

from Down The Divisions | Published 3/19/2021

JOHN GALL is the man who had people saying aye to a Killie pie. But now the managing director of Brownings the Bakers is ploughing his dough into Darvel. Crowned World Scotch Pie champion in 2017, John is now targeting silverware at Recreation Park in the coming seasons. The likes of Ian MacShane, Jordan Kirkpatrick and Ross Perry have signed for the team bossed by Mick Kennedy. Last week they turned on their brand new floodlights, built as part of the requirements they’ll need if they’re to continue rising up the leagues. But the lights then went out on their promotion hopes just a few days ago after the West of Scotland League campaign was declared null and void. We’ll hear John’s thoughts on being left in the dark – and whether he feels this season has now been a waste of money. Newly confirmed West of Scotland League fixture Kennie Young also makes an appearance just hours after the announcement was made.  He reveals plans for an earlier start date next term, tells us what clubs applying to join the league next season will require - and why the 67 original members will be protected. After that we’ll ask John about claims he’s buying success – and find out about the secret American-based boyhood Darvel fan who's also invested in the club. John tells us about plans for Friday night football and his grandad's mystery £100 donation to Hurlford in 1965. We’ll also look back at his previous involvement in football at Kilmarnock - and try to find out just what the secret is to that baking success, which dates back to 1945. That, plus Des Roach’s roundup. We'd also like to give a quick mention to our sponsors FortyFour Creative. They have a team of highly skilled and passionate photographers, graphic designers, videographers and video editors to help promote your content, brand, organisation or event. They make creation personal. Find out more at If you have any comments we'd love to hear from you. Likewise if you're at a club who would like your post-match audio featured on the show then do get in touch. You can email [email protected] or contact us through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If it’s bread and butter football you’re looking for, then you’ve come to the right place, as we go Down The Divisions.    Down The Divisions logo design Adam Aitken Intro and outro music Bensound

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