173: Michael Braungart | Why Less Bad Isn't Better

Michael created the concept of “Cradle to Cradle” as a young chemist and, in 2002, with his American friend Bill McDonough, the bestseller 'Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things' was published.He founded the chemistry division of Greenpeace. His first-class science mind leaves him sceptical about many popular environmental solutions.Braungart is constantly explaining how much we need to know if we are to make the world a better place. And how much detail we already do know but which we sometimes stubbornly ignore.—Recorded live at the global event in Cardigan, west Wales in 2008.Watch Michael's full talk here: www.thedolectures.com/talks/michael-braungart-why-less-bad-isnt-better

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