Divinely Modern

Self-Care, Self-Worth, and Dismantling Sin Theology

from Divinely Modern | Published 4/25/2021

You are going to LOVE this girl. In this episode, I interview Lauren Vejar (Instagram: @coachlaurenvejar) who is a confidence coach with a mission to help women learn to trust themselves, overcome social pressures, and live authentically without fear or shame. Join us as we talk about body image, purity culture, self-worth, and sin theology.

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|| A podcast on Christian deconstruction, liberal theology, spiritual freedom, and faith in the modern world. || Can we rebuild our faith after being hurt by the church? Can we reclaim the Christian faith as one that affirms women, science, mental health, LGBTQ+, body positivity, justice, and doubt? I say, yes. My guests and I offer support and conversations for reconstructing the faith while filtering out toxic theology.