Disneyland Vacation Villas - A Look Inside & Why They Aren't Selling

We are chatting with Leslie from Trips with Tykes about the Disneyland Hotel Villas - the newest Disney Vacation Club property. We cover everything from cost, to the rooms, to what is the Disney Vacation Club before diving in to why we think this DVC Resort is not selling as well as Disney thought it would. Timestamps: 01:03 - Disneyland Hotel Vacation Villas just opened! 01:38 - What is the Disney Vacation Club? 03:30 - Did you know you can use DVC Points at non-Disney locations? 04:18 - Not ready to buy? Rent DVC Points to save money 06:28 - The Disneyland Hotel Vacation Villas - Tower, Lobby and Checking In 09:18 - Inside the Villas 11:44 - A stark contrast from the regular rooms at the Disneyland Hotel 12:19 - The new pool area 15:18 - Price of the Disneyland Vacation Villas Compared to Regular Rooms 17:51 - The Mystery building 19:32 - Three Bedroom Grand Villas 20:55 - Why is this DVC Resort not selling? Check out our episode of the history of the Disneyland Hotel Want More Disneyland Discounts! Keep Reading: Using the links below helps support our channel as we may earn a small commission. You still get amazing deals! Our listeners get the best Disneyland ticket deals by using our partners at Get Away Today (we earn money while you still save money): You can unlock our exclusive pricing by visiting https://getawaytoday.com/disneyland-with-kids OR by calling 855-438-2929 and asking for the Disneyland with Kids EXCLUSIVE pricing. Sign up for FREE Disney Dining Reservation alerts with our partners at Mouse Dining. https://lddy.no/118g1 Join the Disneyland with Kids Facebook Group: https://facebook.com/groups/dwksocalthemeparks Plan out your Disneyland visit with help from Jessica's AMAZING (per Becca) Park Strategy Plans. You can get one or more of them here: Disneyland Plans To Rock Your Vacation: https://transactions.sendowl.com/stores/17044/214142 About Becca & Jessica Becca Robins has been helping families create memories via her website This Crazy Adventure Called Life for more than 11 years. Her focus is on helping families plan vacations within their budget and lifestyle. Becca is an expert on all things SoCal Theme Parks as well as West Coast Travel, and is currently working to expand her coverage to the rest of the United States.   Jessica Sanders has been helping guests navigate their Disneyland vacations for more than 10 years at The Happiest Blog On Earth. Jessica is a SoCal Disneyland gal at heart, even though she currently lives out of state. Jessica specializes in helping guests learn how to utilize Disneyland's ever-changing amenities such as Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lanes at Disneyland. Jessica is also our resident foodie and is able to help you plan what Disneyland food you must try for your visit.  

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