Designing with Climate in Mind

Episode Seven - Michael Pawlyn

from Designing with Climate in Mind | Published 9/29/2020

“There are some people who argue, and I think very convincingly, that we’re only really going to make progress with addressing the planetary emergency if we rethink the whole relationship that we have with the rest of the living world.” In this episode renowned architect Michael Pawlyn, outlines why we can no longer be complacent with our response to the climate emergency – we need to take action. As the founder of Exploration Architecture and co-founder of Architects Declare, Michael is a leading figure in the design community, inspiring action against the climate emergency. In this episode, Michael challenges us to push past the line of neutrality, and strive to have a positive impact on everything we do; to restore ecosystems, rebuild nature, and enhance and protect human wellbeing. Exploring how our health and the planet’s are intrinsically linked, Jon Khoo and Michael also discuss the power of biomimicry, biodiversity loss and how we must address the challenges facing the planet or risk global health going into dramatic reverse.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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How can we truly design with the climate in mind? Hosted by Head of Sustainability, Jon Khoo, this series takes an in depth look into the ever-evolving world of sustainable design. In each episode, Jon talks to some of the most passionate and knowledgeable experts in the industry, gaining unique perspectives around the latest thinking and challenges that impact the environmental nature of our built environment. See for privacy and opt-out information.