Building a Nuxt.js SaaS in less than a week (with Harlan Wilton)

Welcome to the second episode of DejaVue - and the first one with a guest! Michael and Alex are joined by Harlan Wilton, an open-source developer from Sydney, Australia who is not only into backpacking and Nuxt.js but also builds amazing tools and applications. Harlan is discussing with Alex and Michael how he built his SaaS Request Indexing in less than a week with Nuxt, which stack he used exactly, what it does and shares tips on how to stay focused and make sure your app actually ships.The best? The SaaS is open-source!Tune in for an interesting conversation around using Vue.js and Nuxt.js in the wild.Post Podcast Update from HarlanAfter the recording, Harlan took a break from working on Request Indexing due to other commitments. But there is also a good news - Request Indexing got the first paid monthly users now netting $60 per month. Harlan is also working on a big pivot on it, which will be announced soon. Stay tuned!Chapters(00:00) - Intro (01:00) - Open-source and backpacking (02:22) - The idea for an open-source SaaS (06:09) - Staying sane while building the app in 64 hours (09:58) - Harlan's Tech Stack to build the SaaS (15:24) - The back-end of Request Indexing (21:32) - Next steps for the SaaS (22:30) - Keeping the scope when building a SaaS (32:37) - Wrapping up Links and ResourcesHarlan's SaaS - Request IndexingHarlan's WebsiteReach out to Harlan on TwitterSocial Media Scheduling Nuxt SaaS*AI Headshot Photo Nuxt SaaS*Nuxt UI Pro*Nuxt SEO Modules (maintained by Harlan)NitroHandle Sessions in Nitro/H3Tailwind CSSNitro Tasks API (experimental)UnJS OrganizationThe nuxt-auth-utils moduleLinks marked with * are affiliate links. We get a small commission when you register for the service through our link. This helps us to keep the podcast running. We only include affiliate links for services mentioned in the episode or that we use ourselves.

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