Everyone Loves Britney - II. Circus

In Everyone Loves Britney, we investigate the complex conservatorship case of Britney Spears.The series looks at her troubled past and what led to her being put under a conservatorship. We question the legality of the processes that took place, and analyse the problems within the probate court system. We speak to people who have been through conservatorships and the attorneys who want to see change. And we ask who stands to benefit from Britney's ongoing conservatorship that has cost her millions.Does Britney really need the conservatorship or is she being held against her will?II. CircusAt the height of her fame, Britney's struggles become apparent as the media frenzy around her starts to become dangerously intrusive and chronicles every aspect of her personal life. The collapse of her marriage and losing custody of her kids send her spiralling out of control and the public become judge and jury in a case that sees her locked into a court-appointed conservatorship.- - - - -Show notes and transcription: DEF083 - Show Notes- - - - -Timestamps:Coming soon…- - - - -The success of Defiance will be largely down to the support of you, the listener. Below are a number of ways you can help:- Subscribe to the show on your favourite app so you never miss an episode:iTunesSpotifyDeezerStitcherSoundCloudYouTubeTuneIn- Leave a review of the show on iTunes (5* really helps, if you think the show deserves it).- Share the show and episodes out with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.- Follow Defiance on social media:TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube- Subscribe to the Defiance mailing list.- Donate Bitcoin here: bc1qd3anlc8lh0cl9ulqah03dmg3r2uxm5r657zr5pIf you have any questions then please email Defiance.- - - - -

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