Election Fraud & Media Bias

Following Joe Biden's victory in the Presidential election, Donald Trump and his allies have continually called the election's validity into question and stated that it was fraudulent, with Trump demanding the result be overthrown. Following the election, surveys have found between 70-80% of Republicans thinking that the result was fraudulent, whilst Democrats have faith in its integrity.Last week, the tensions reached boiling point when a Trump-supporting mob stormed the Capitol building in Washington D.C, which ultimately led to five people's deaths.We are now just days away from Joe Biden's inauguration, and there are fears that there will be further protests and violence from Trump's supporters. Further, it is looking like Trump will be impeached for a second time.How did we get to this point where people do not trust the integrity of an election?In this interview, I talk to Isaac Saul, founder of Tangle, a daily, non-partisan political newsletter. We discuss the claims of fraud in the presidential election, partisan news and the political divide.- - - - -Show notes and transcription: https://www.defiance.news/podcast/election-fraud-media-bias- - - - -Timestamps:Coming soon…- - - - -The success of Defiance will be largely down to the support of you, the listener. Below are a number of ways you can help:- Subscribe to the show on your favourite app so you never miss an episode:iTunesSpotifyDeezerStitcherSoundCloudYouTubeTuneIn- Leave a review of the show on iTunes (5* really helps, if you think the show deserves it).- Share the show and episodes out with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.- Follow Defiance on social media:TwitterFacebookInstagramYouTube- Subscribe to the Defiance mailing list.- Donate Bitcoin here: bc1qd3anlc8lh0cl9ulqah03dmg3r2uxm5r657zr5pIf you have any questions then please email Defiance.- - - - -

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