Elvis 2, The Conspiracies

Episode tithes and offerings can be dropped here. ❤️ Keep in Touch with our Free newsletter. Please Rate and Review. It means so much! Thank you. How come we did not name these episodes, 1 for the Money and 2 for the Show?! Damnit. Anyhoo, listen to the second part of Elvis' story as it relates to religion. We had never heard the story of the Osmonds and the Mormon Bible. Sadly, we had heard the one about Pastor Bob Joyce.  Book and other recs here. We have a P.O. Box! Deconversion Therapy 188 Front St. STE 116-79 Franklin, TN 37064 Find us on Instagram, TikTok, and our secret den on Facebook. And, finally, send us your true, funny stories for us to read on the podcast.

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