The Ted Bundy Tapes

We suffered through Netflix’s Ted Bundy Tapes, and this episode we recount all the details of the new documentary series. The most basic serial killer has plenty to say, but most of it is infuriating, so come commiserate with us.  

Om Podcasten

Crime Screen is a podcast that talks about the bingeable true crime movies and TV that we are all watching on our screens at home. We recap unforgettable cases that we’ve all watched, like Making a Murderer, Mommy Dead and Dearest, Dear Zachary, and Mindhunter. If you are like us, and have the problem of scaring people off at parties with serial killer facts & murder stories. Or you try to talk about what you watched, but get horrified looks from coworkers, and even your exasperated significant other, then we are here to be your new friends to discuss true crime with!