Why don't you protest President Xi? (w/ Sam Geall)

Hello Crash Course listeners! First of all, a big apology from me. This feed has been way too quiet over the summer, but I will make sure its much more active over the coming months. I'm lining up a full series on immigration, both to debunk Tory scare-mongering and to explore what a genuinely human migration system might look like. In the meantime, I have a fascinating interview for you with Sam Geall. He's CEO of China Dialogue and a fellow at Chatham House. We spoke about an issue that, for obvious reasons, has been obsessing me this summer: climate change. And we spoke about an angle which I think is poorly covered in the UK press: the role of the world's biggest emitter in the fight against climate change. I hope you enjoy.xx Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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