Dayne Brajkovich insignia case with Michael Tudori

Feral and fascinating. Arrested, but still arresting. The membership and movements of WA’s bikie gangs and the plans authorities have to crackdown on them are always in the headlines. None more so than Dayne Brajkovich, former sergeant at arms of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. Michael Tudori, partner at law firm Tudori Hager Grubb, is one of the busiest barristers in Perth, partly because of his client list including a decent number of heavy-set motorcycle enthusiasts.  He joins Tim Clarke to talk all things Brajkovich, what it’s like to represent other bikies and tells us what he thinks of the government’s new bikie laws. Plus,  as his a former lawyer, Tudori gives an insight into what slain Rebels boss Nick Martin was really like. For all the latest on courts and crime visit If you have a question for the team, please get in touch. Email [email protected] See for privacy information.

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