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So... was it Conveyancing Carnage?

from Conveyancing Matters Podcast | Published 6/28/2021

In this Conveyancing Matters chat, Stu and Lorraine talk about the topic that none of us can avoid – how was the busiest day in the history of conveyancing?They have no nuggets, no advice, no tips – they just chat about how the busiest day in the conveyancing diary went.There were issues with lenders, lots of hanging on the phone and some long hours – but the banking system didn’t crash!And they talk about the unsung heroes – the fantastic people in the accounts departments who have kept conveyancing departments going and the funds flowing.The SDLT ‘no-holiday-for-conveyancers’ is nearly over.Hang in there – heads down – nearly there!Have your completions completed? Any problems?Remember, this is just a chat and our opinions, not advice!Find our podcasts on YouTube, Spotify and apple

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