111: TWIN PETES INVESTING Podcast no.59: With our Special Guest @Stealthsurf & How to make a 100% investing return in a year. Trend following, Trading and much more

The topics, stocks and shares mentioned/discussed include: How to make a 100% investing return in a year. Special Guest @StealthSurf  How to never blow up your account Averaging Up on your winner Averaging Down on losers What is investing HEAT? Base consolidation Mark Minervini FTSE 100 FTSE 250 FTSE All Share Hedging Market Volatility Dinosaur stocks Over valuation Crypto Hamster Trend Follower Growth Trends Breakouts Stop-loss Position-sizing Risk weighting / 1R = 1% of Portfolio Fix Fractional Position Sizing BooHoo BOO Games Workshop GAW Zoom $ZM Water Intelligence WATR Jubilee Metals JLP Loopup LOOP Trifast TRI Cerillion CER Dollar Cost Averaging Compounding Trend model How to use moving averages Investing Trading The Twin Petes Challenge / Charity fundraise for the Menphys Charity WE HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS PODCAST. IF YOU DID PLEASE SHARE IT ACROSS SOCIAL MEDIA & WITH FRIENDS/ASSOCIATES YOU KNOW THAT HAVE AN INTEREST IN INVESTING OR TRADING STOCKS / SHARES. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE TO THIS PODCAST.

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