Common Threads

EP. 35 Inclusivity in Sustainability with Ngoni Chikwenengere of We Are Kin

from Common Threads | Published 10/11/2021

Fashion can't be truly ethical if it's not inclusive. This week we're chatting to Ngoni Chikwenengere from size-inclusive brand We Are Kin about why inclusivity matters, and what fashion’s big players can do to get there. You can read more of Ngoni’s work over on her blog, and you can keep up with We Are Kin’s latest designs on Instagram. Common Threads is an ethical fashion podcast from stylist Alice Cruickshank and writer Ruth MacGilp. If you liked this episode and you want to support our work, you can buy us a Ko-Fi here. For more updates on the ethical fashion conversation, follow Common Threads on Instagram, like us on Facebook, and join the conversation on Twitter. You’ll find Ruth on Instagram: @ruthmacgilp_ and Twitter @ruthmacgilp You’ll find Alice on Instagram: @styledbyalicex and Twitter: @styledbyalice Common Threads artwork was created by ​​Madeleine Welsch. Music produced by Feena McKinnell.

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