Parish Is Burning

Surreal, silly vibrations from the flatlining, radio desert somewhere near the Irish Border. First picked up by lorry drivers trying to find a signal in the flatlining radio desert of the Irish border, Parish Is Burning is a wild, silly and surreal sketch show. A genuine metaphysical anomaly, a mysterious broadcast from an alternative universe (near Omagh) with that uniquely warped, unpredictable, big-hearted, Northern Irish whiff and featuring new comedy talent from all over Ireland. In this pilot episode, visit Mo Farragh’s Ostrich Farm, eavesdrop on the parish helpline, find out if Sergeant Gerry Rafferty can crack the case of the man beaten to death with his own kettle, experience Rural Fury at the Parish youth club and catch up on Belfast soap opera Van Dad. Parish Is Burning is created by Michael McCullagh and Phil Taggart, and stars Michael Fry, Ciara Knight, Michael Stranney, Hannah Mamalis, Mary Flanigan and Peter McGann. Producer: Keith Martin Executive Producer: Victoria Lloyd A Fabel production for BBC Radio 4

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