Mike Bubbins: Retrosexual

Mike Bubbins is a good bloke, a good husband and a good Dad, but he never quite feels like he fits in. Not in an odd way, he's keen to point out. It's just he dresses like he lives in the 70s, his house looks like a 70s film set, and he drives a 70s Ford Cortina. So yeah, in other words, in an odd way. He's not done bad for a lad who failed his A-Levels, became a PE teacher (see 'failed his A-levels’), worked as an Elvis impersonator, and then signed up for a writing course but got the wrong day and turned up for a stand-up comedy course instead. Because it was raining, and his wife had already dropped him off, he decided he might as well stay. Eleven years later, he presents his debut Radio 4 show. We've all been through a lot, emotionally and psychologically, with the extraordinary events of the pandemic. In the middle of the biggest crisis the world has witnessed since the war, we all had to assess who we were, what our priorities were, what our core relationships are and how robust they really are. Luckily, Bubbins isn't interested in any of that. He wasn't even involved in the pandemic. Because he lives in the 70s. In this show, he aims to take us back to a time before Covid and other complexities - a much simpler time. Written and performer by Mike Bubbins, recorded at Mach Festival, 2022. Produced by Siren Turner and Lianne Coop. An Impatient production for BBC Radio 4

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