BBC Radio Fjord

Following a much-publicised split, legendary Norwegian dance music icons Lars Larsson and Ulrik Untersson have reunited on the airwaves. Accompanied by producer Pete Santini, they’re taking up their roles as BBC Radio Four’s Heads of Electronic Music. But can they put their differences aside and come together to host a banger of a show? No. No they cannot. A brand new sitcom created and written by Barney Fishwick and Will Hislop. Starring Barney Fishwick, Will Hislop, Arnab Chanda, Emma Sidi, Rob Carter and Sophie Bentinck. Original songs produced by Jack Martin. Producer - Pete Strauss Production Co-Ordinator - Katie Baum Executive Producer - Julia McKenzie BBC Radio Fjord is a BBC Studios Production.

Om Podcasten

Brighten your week with the latest BBC Radio 4 comedy, introduced by Athena Kugblenu.