Why You Need to Date 3 Men at a Time

Here's how I take women who are struggling to find even 1 guy to pursue them to dating 3 men at a time with ease. (And why I recommend it!) You'll never start attracting committed, masculine men if you're stuck in a "lack mindset." You need to believe there's an abundance of great men! (And there is!) I help smart, successful women who're invested in personal growth but stuck in relationships to discover their blind spot and finally fix their frustrations with men. Curious to know what you're missing? Go to https://claimed.com/apply to book your free discovery call and let's talk!

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CLAIMED is a podcast that provides women inspiration, tools and resources to embrace their wild, feminine nature so they can attract and keep a masculine man. We explore ideas and practical steps to create and sustain polarity in relationships and live a life of freedom, joy and creativity by fully stepping into our feminine power. On every episode you will hear inspiring conversations with real women (and men) about their experience with polarity, feminine/masculinity, leadership, relationships, intimacy and much more. You will also hear stories, answers to questions and inspiring content from Anna - your host and femininity, relationships polarity and feminine embodiment coach. Enjoy the ride!