Where Have All The Good Men Gone? - Your CMM Attraction Formula

This is an exclusive training from Anna Rova in which you will learn: * How to attract truly great men (not the guys who ghost, only want sex, or are weak) * The secret weapon all “attractive women” use to meet great men * Why you need to do the opposite of what most dating coaches teach (no texting guides, seduction techniques or “divine feminine” woo woo) * How to allow (not go after) high-quality men into your life If you want to watch the video version, register here: claimed.com/training Apply for your free Embodied Feminine Polarity session to map out your next steps to attracting the man of your dreams here >>>

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CLAIMED is a podcast that provides women inspiration, tools and resources to embrace their wild, feminine nature so they can attract and keep a masculine man. We explore ideas and practical steps to create and sustain polarity in relationships and live a life of freedom, joy and creativity by fully stepping into our feminine power. On every episode you will hear inspiring conversations with real women (and men) about their experience with polarity, feminine/masculinity, leadership, relationships, intimacy and much more. You will also hear stories, answers to questions and inspiring content from Anna - your host and femininity, relationships polarity and feminine embodiment coach. Enjoy the ride!