73: Mobility's maturation and misery: One ofo doesn't ruin everything

All of China's most visible mobility players have undergone significant change over the last 12 months. Ofo is on the verge of collapse, Mobike is now Meituan Bike, and Didi is grappling with how to move past their existential safety problem. Links Failures and opportunities: A pivotal moment for China’s mobility industry TechNode Podcast Network Hosts John Artman, @knowsnothing, TechNode Matthew Brennan, @MattyBGoooner, ChinaChannel Producer Peter Isachenko Podcast information iTunes RSS feed Music: "Theme from Penguins on Parade" by Lee Rosevere, Music for Podcasts 3

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China Tech Talk is a weekly podcast about what's happening on the ground in China's tech and startup ecosystems. It is hosted by John Artman, Editor-in-Chief of TechNode English, and Matthew Brennan, founder of ChinaChannel