Capable & Confident Kids: Conversations in K-8 Education

The Whole Child, Wholly Capable With Dr. Michael Hynes

from Capable & Confident Kids: Conversations in K-8 Education | Published 9/15/2020

In this podcast episode, the conversation centers on the amazing capabilities of our students. We interview Dr. Michael Hynes, superintendent of schools for the Port Washington School District in New York. He is a TEDx speaker and also an experienced educational leader committed to whole-child education. With Michael, we take a look at how students excel on their own when they're given time and space to grow. Right now, many schools are working to solve the reentry dilemma. Michaels also talks about why whole-child education and social-emotional learning (SEL) are still important pieces of this equation. And he helps tackle some of these hurdles and reminds us that our students are wholly capable.

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