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Canei Business Podcast: Tanya McKinley - Starting a tax company, IRS, tax preparation

from Canei Business Podcast | Published 10/26/2020

Tanya shares her insights into the tax industry. We talk about how to become a tax preparer or an enrolled agent. The software and training you will need. And the potential consequences of not handling your finance correctly.Tanya has worked as an Accountant for the last 37 years in both small and large CPA firms, City Government, Not for Profit agencies, and in various industries. She has spent the last 8 years with the Abundant Returns team providing both client-facing and behind the scenes support to ensure smooth operations and client satisfaction.  Growing up in a neighborhood of mostly single mothers where poverty was present fueled her passion for financial education. She utilizes her degree in Business Administration, Insurance license, and financial knowledge to help others gain a firm understanding of how to manage their finances. Tanya’s free time is spent volunteering with young people with intellectual disabilities. She is a graduate of the Certified Financial Planner program at Oglethorpe University and a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

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