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Canei Business Podcast: Mario - Millionaire Talks Primerica History, Starting Investment Firm, and more

from Canei Business Podcast | Published 9/29/2020

Mario is a businessman who was born in Nicaragua. In our Business Video Podcast, we talk about his journey from Nicaragua to America. Joining AL Williams before it turned into Primerica and why he left Primerica. He then started his own loan business. Then, he changed it into a stock brokerage company, which made him rich. Mario talks about the benefit of attending a business school that he attended, and much - Business Loans and Virtual

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This podcast is for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. Starting, maintaining, and growing a business can be quite challenging. With Canei Business Podcast, we intend to interview business owners at every level (planning phase, start-up phase, transitioning careers, millionaires, and more). This will give our listeners insights into how businesses run, the pitfalls, proper financial management, and much more.Learn more at - business loans and virtual consultation