Canei Business Podcast Ep 3 - Andre Parker Talk Family, Faith, Fiance and Fitness

Dre Parker is a Financial Professional, Author, Entrepreneur, and Wealth Relationship Coach. He has dedicated his life to helping people within the four cornerstones of faith, family, fitness, and finance. He has helped hundreds of people within these cornerstones and continues to pursue his mission to eradicate the impoverished ways of thinking that cause person to suffer in those areas. His number one focus is to build people up in achieving TRUE prosperity within their relationships, their health & wellness, and their finances.Originally born in Middletown, Connecticut to a single mother raised in a low-income environment, he is now building his own financial services firm to ensure that generational wealth principles are taught and implemented in those communities. Dre Parker also works with entrepreneurs showing them how to create balance in their personal and business life for achieving ultimate success.He learned leadership skills at the age of seventeen, where he managed a local restaurant with thirty employees. From there he began his path to becoming an entrepreneur at the age of 21, where he opened up his own clothing store. Leaving his hometown at the age of twenty-five for a new beginning in Atlanta Georgia, where he currently resides, he met his lovely wife of nineteen years and has three children. Together they started a family business that focuses on building better people and better families, which will lead to a better future.He is a family man, an activist for change, and a positive model citizen in his community. He has over twenty years of entrepreneurial experience in several different industries and continues to grow and contribute by being of service to whoever is in need.

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