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Three Tips to Help You Recharge and Refill Your Cup

from Calm and Connected Podcast | Published 9/16/2021

As we all know, the pandemic has been incredibly draining on all of us therefore many of us have experienced major burn-out. This episode is all about recharging, refilling our cups and doing activities for ourselves so we can continue to raise our kids and be helpers to others who are also going through this. As they say on planes, you need to put on your own oxygen mask before your child’s i.e we need to make sure we’re looking after ourselves before we can help others. How do you recharge? For some it’s reading a book, for others it’s playing some really loud music to sing and dance around the kitchen to. Be sure to leave a review telling me how you recharge. In this episode I discuss 3 tips you can use to refill your cup; ‘No is a full sentence’, which includes my new mantra - “You can do anything but not everything”. Put yourself on your to-do list Find your own coping skills - and how modelling for kids can be so educational And remember, do not forget about yourself, take a few minutes for you and have a little fun!

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