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67: Checkout.com CRO Nick Worswick- pinpointing bets with asymmetric upside

from Built By Humans | Published 8/23/2021

Checkout.com, already a leader in the payments space across Europe, is poised to make a splash in the North American market. With complex regulatory issues and technological inefficiencies to deal with, driving revenue initiatives is a massive challenge. However, that is exactly what CRO Nick Worswick was tasked with when he joined the company in February. Nick joined hosts Scott and Andrei to illuminate his philosophies on joining new companies, building competitive moats, and pinpointing areas of opportunity.   Here are some quick takeaways:   We instinctively want to quickly implement changes at a new role- this is a mistake. Take the time to listen to both customers and your team. TAM is a misleading statistic- you must narrow it down to a serviceable market, and then to a sellable market Despite the numerous companies sprouting up in the space, payments remains an area in need of a major overhaul Take on initiatives with asymmetric upside- not every decision needs to be revolutionary

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