My advice if you’re looking to take investment

Overdrafts, loans, angel investors, crowdfunding, private equity. When launching or growing a business, the decision on how to finance it is the most important you’ll ever make. It can mean the difference between surviving and thriving, but can also come back to haunt you when you’re looking at exiting. In this episode, I discuss the options available when funding a startup and what investors look for in an early stage startup. I also explain why I chose to bootstrap Myprotein and what I’d do today if I was starting a new business. If you’re interested in submitting a question for me to answer in a future episode, please fill out the form at or tweet me @OliverCookson.

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Oliver Cookson is the founder of the world’s number one sports nutrition brand Myprotein®. Starting out in a lock-up garage and an overdraft of just £500, Oliver bootstrapped Myprotein, selling it seven years later to The Hut Group as part of a total exit of around £350,000,000 in a cash and shares deal that saw him become a key shareholder and NED at The Hut Group. In each episode of 'Bootstrap Your Life', Oliver answers business questions sent in from listeners, covering the tools and habits required for entrepreneurship. Touching on business acumen, self-esteem, perseverance, and the life lessons learned along the way, this 5* rated podcast is a must-listen for anyone wanting to lead from the front. Read more at