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Food for Thought #6 - Personnel is Personality

from Bluegrass Jam Along | Published 10/21/2021

Hi everyone. It's Friday, which means another Food For Thought episode. This week I've been listening to the excellent The String podcast, in particular the recent episode with Bela Fleck talking about his new album My Bluegrass Heart. In it, host Craig Havighurst says:"I really hope folks will sit with the booklet so they'll be conscious of who's playing on each track. Because personnel is personality - it is the art."I found that fascinating and it got me thinking about what different people bring to music and the profound effect the player has on a song. It also got me thinking about fantasy line-ups and pairings.Have a listen and see what my take is. Then head over to Bluegrass Jamalong's Instagram or Facebook and tell us what you think!Happy picking.

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