S3E8: Why the World Needs an Internet Computer w. Dominic Williams (Founder, DFINITY)

I've never made a show like this before... A full 'Web3 founders journey' from Dominic going all the way back to 2013, Gamecoin, Ethereum and the trials and tribulations of Internet Computer, the Blockchain boasting the most transactions per-day of any chain. Be warned, shots are fired during this episode!... Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at DFINITY, created Internet Computer to remove the need for centralised IT systems and dependence on the Googles and Amazons of the world. And maybe take a chunk out of Ethereum’s dominance of Web3 along the way. His goal is not to remove Web2, but to work in harmony with it. Not to bring single-chain maximalism, but to seek a world of trustless connection between multiple blockchain networks. So Dominic is a pragmatist also. In this session we'll discuss: - Why the world needs the Internet Computer - The science behind ‘Proof of Useful Work’ vs. PoS and PoW - What it takes to build and scale a decentralised protocol - What we have learned from the recent issues with Luna, 3AC, FTX in 2022, and the imperatives for 2034 - Whether enterprises or industrial applications play a significant role in scaling Web3 - Advice to anyone building with Web3 tech today There's also some tangents where we discuss issues with Solana, FTX, the Crypto Media and many 'insider' issues than few people ever get to hear about. Do not miss this one!...

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