S3E6 Opal Mining in the Metaverse w. Josiah Kotzur (Outback Opal Hunters, DeStore Network)

Josiah's race to be first to sell 'phygital' opal stones in the Metaverse was recently filmed by the Discovery Channel, and now you can hear his story on the Blockchain Won't Save the World podcast... If you're looking for innovative examples of Web3 and the Metaverse, you're going to love this! During their TV series, Josiah and his partner Lisa become the first small-scale mining company to run 100% on renewable energy, leading other mining companies in becoming carbon neutral and selling phygital Opals in virtual store in the metaverse. During this show, we discuss: - What does it take to mine opal sustainably? - How does Blockchain and the Metaverse enhance the buying or selling experience of opal? - What have the DeStore team learned so-far about the challenges of launching phygital assets? - What guidance would you give to others looking to set up a business in the Metaverse? Josiah's is a super interesting story, and you don't often hear about the link between Australian opal and the Metaverse. Also check out their TV show 'Outback Opal Hunters' coming to Discovery in your country soon...

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