S3E5 Blockchain Gaming Explained w. Kieran Warwick (Illuvium CoFounder)

Everything you want and need to know about Blockchain and Web3 Gaming in a single, epic episode! Kieran Warwick (and his brothers) created and launched Illuvium - a 'AAA' game with epic graphics, compelling gameplay, extensive roadmap, and underlying NFT economy. There is nothing out there like this, and Kieran breaks down why Blockchain gaming changes everything, but also why we shouldn't be too bullish just yet. Life after Axie Infinity and ponzinomic 'play to earn' NFT games needs to change, and the Illuvium team thinks they have the recipe: mixing the best of Pokemon, WoW, Minecraft and MMORPG that we loved in our childhood with elements of ownership, interoperability and tokenomics that work in harmony with game mechanics. In this session we discuss: - The back story to how Illuvium was founded - Why there is so much excitement, activity and funding around Web3 gaming - The Illuvium vision and roadmap - The implications of 'Interoperable Blockchain Games' - How the bear market, Luna, 3AC, FTX etc. impacted activity in the Illuvium ecosystem, and what happens next - What more is required to see wider use of Web3 / decentralised technologies in gaming We also cover some Q&A around how Illuvium and Web3 games make money, what are the metrics that matter for game developers, and whether we'll see a collabo between Illuvium and Moonsama in the Polkadot ecosystem. Essential listening for anyone interested in Blockchain and gaming.

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